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Evelyn’s Bedroom Tour

Evelyn’s room is possibly my favourite room in our (very small) house! Living in London means, at the moment, we have a two bed home. I love it because it is ours and needed little doing to it when we moved in. Previously owned by a builder, the house was perfectly painted, white and neutral! Evelyn’s room is very small and so we needed to make sure we utilised the space wisely! When we first moved in she was still in her cot and didn’t really have the need for toys in her room. Below are the pictures of what her room looked like when we moved in…


Now she is 2 we have had a bit of a revamp! We have taken the side off her cot. She  was pretty unsettled when we did but my handy father constructed a little ‘lip’ out of wood to help stop her rolling out of bed! She was lucky enough to receive some beautiful White Company bedding for Christmas which has really helped her bed feel more like a bed (rather than a cot).



Her cosy little bed. She wouldn’t leave her favourite Betsy Bunny long enough for me to photograph her so Leo Lion and Binky Bunny were promoted for this particular shoot.


I love frames. Pictures, art, photographs, memorabilia, memories etc. Evelyn’s room is filled with them and they all hold special memories. L-R Evelyn’s first birthday tree fingerprint of all the family that gathered to celebrate, a Beatrix Potter invitation from my baby shower, a print from my most favourite shop back in my home town, a beautiful handmade E from a family friend (I have a slight obsession with letters).

Again, as the room is really small I don’t want it to feel cluttered so I needed to find alternate ways of displaying and storing things. Evelyn’s bedroom set was from a company called TuttiBambini and it was a real bargain. I adore the wardrobe as it has these little shelves above the drawers. Bunting makes a feature of the window, rather than having bulky curtains take up wall space (black out blind is essential). And every little girl’s room needs an old wine crate to store bedtime books in!!

Evelyn is a huge fan of books and won’t fall asleep without at least 2 stories. These IKEA picture shelves are perfect for books and she is just tall enough now to reach the bottom one. We screwed a few hooks under the floating shelf to hang some pompoms and pretty hearts. shelves

The final thing we did was to replace my much loved rocking chair with a dressing up stand (the girl has more Disney Princess dresses than I care to admit!) She uses it DAILY and I’m pretty sure her collection will grow!


Other changes I would still like to make:

  • A feature wall with grey and pink stripes (inspiration I have seen from the gorgeous @thehomethatmademe check her Instagram page for amazing interiors).
  • A proper big girl’s bed (I have a 6ft 4 husband and I feel Evelyn will follow in his footsteps)
  • A new blind (I can never find ones I like… I may have to get the sewing machine out and make one myself!)

I loved my bedroom as a child, I still remember every little detail of it! I hope Evelyn grows to love her room too!


Aimee xx



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