Food, Food, Food! 


So, yesterday I posted a blog about weaning! Weaning for us has definitely been a trial and error process and I am determined to do my best to raise a child who eats most foods! I’m hoping that giving her a range of tastes and flavours now might help this. As Evelyn is a week away from 6 months we have just been taste testing rather than introducing massive amounts of food in replace of her milk. This has led to lots of waste!!! 

At our baby group we have made lots of friends and I would strongly encourage all new mums to find and go to theirs. 

This week one of my mum-buddies gave me a great tip that I wanted to share! (Pretty obvious now I think about it but in the bubble of motherhood the obvious sometimes escapes you!). Basically: freeze the rest of the pouch! For us we have been using a few spoons of each pouch then having to throw it away. If you put them in the fridge they can last 24 hours but that then means they have to have the same flavours again. 

Here is my ice cube tray ready to go into the freezer. 2 days worth of mains and deserts that were left over. Now I can pop out an ice cube of what ever flavour and it will melt in no time! 

No wasted food, no wasted money, lots of tastes to go around!

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