Letters to Evelyn

Happy 5 Months

Dear Evelyn,

April 2015 – So  April gave us Easter. Filled with family and friends and fun and frolics! We were able to go up to Nottingham to see family and come back down to London to see more family! Perfect way to spend Easter. You were bought your very own car! You tasted your first lick of chocolate (oops) and you were spoilt! You went on your first swing and slide and ROLLED OVER (finally!!) Not that we were getting impatient! The weather has been quite nice for April so we were able to spend lots of time outside and have lots of picnics with our friends. You are absolutely loving your food and are enjoying all the different tastes! We are still working on getting that hand to mouth so you are currently relying on mummy feeding you ‘oooopppeennnn!’ haha. Love you lots xxx         

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