Friends and their babies! 

So maybe your friend is pregnant or she might have just had a baby! If you aren’t sure what to say or do then the fear is that you might not say or do anything! You might feel like you don’t want to ‘step on toes’ or ‘interrupt the day’ but the reality is your friend will appreciate any contact!

A list of; maybe, probably, ‘have a go’ things to try with your new Mummy friend!

  • This is what is going on with her at the minute. Try to sound interested and listen to her birth story (even if you don’t understand most of what she says. Dilating, edpidurals, contractions, ventouse, episiotomy – this has been her life!!!)

aimees iphone 2014 15 1257

  • Go and hold the baby! Some mums get really over protective during the first week or so and find it difficult to ‘let go’, go over and show that you care. Seeing your friends coo over your baby is one of the nicest, most emotional things.friends with evelyn
  • Massive contradiction alert!! Organise things she can bring baby but also leave baby! I made a point of leaving Evelyn to go for dinner with my friends when she was 3 weeks old! It was just what I needed!!!! Howeverrrrrr, it is equally as lovely when your friends think of something that is baby friendly! (This might simply be a trip to Mothercare and a Costa!) The thought is what counts!out and about
  • Tell her she looks good! She will be tired, fed up, annoyed, emotional and probably hasn’t seen a hair dryer or makeup for a while now but if you tell her she looks fab or she’s coping well… It’s like therapy! #browniepoints!

    z looking good

    • Gifts – one of the nicest things I was given was a Champneys voucher at my baby shower from my MIL. You love your little one with every fibre of your being and they will be showered with everything they need. But your friend will have had her life (and body) feel like it’s been through the car wash! A small gesture for her will definitely stand you on good stead! Some nail varnish, a new top or even a cupcake! Bring me a diet coke and you’ll have a friend for life! Xx

    aimees iphone 2014 15 1788

      • Text her! Even if it’s to say hi. Ask her to send you a pic of baby! She’ll love that!! Just stay in touch. The reality is that apart from the baby her conversation might have only been the postman and possibly Sue from Tesco!


        • Normal conversation! She will probably have quite a wide circle of ‘mum friends’ especially when the baby gets to Evelyn’s age. They will have covered the baby chats! Talk about trash, TV, gossip, work, men, love, ANYTHING else! You’ll probably appreciate it too! Your friend will feel normal again! Haha And doing it whilst sitting in Costa with a large, skinny, caramel latte makes life worth living!


          All in all if you make a little time for your friend during this new chapter in her life then she will love you forever and appreciate everything you do! To those who have shown an interest in me and Evelyn… Thank you ❤ xxx

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